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'King Putts' Festival for The European Championships, Glasgow August 2018

'Good £uck' Glasgow International Festival 2018, various venues April - May 2018

'Sick Monday' Curated by Dean Kenning at Genesis Cinema, London, February 2018 and CCA, Glasgow June 2018.

'Dystopian Disco' Alchemy Film and Video Festival, Hawick, Scotland May 2018

Fix Performance Festival at Catalyst Arts, Belfast 5th October 2017

'PINGPINGJERKSPASM' The Pipe Factory, Glasgow October - November 2017

'Autumn/Winter 2017' The Briggait, Glasgow September - October 2017

'Campbell, Maclean, Beagles & Ramsay' video screening at The Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland April 2017

'Print Print Print' Reid Building, Glasgow January 2017

'People Never Notice Anything' Guest Projects, London January 2017

'Uncle Chop Chop - Ye 7th Edition' The Old Hairdressers Nov 2016 & Frankfurt Independent Book Fair April 2017

'Triumph of Zero' Voidoid Archive, Glasgow October 2016


'DEVILS IN THE MAKING' Gallery Of Modern Art, Glasgow Sept 2015 - Jan 2016

'Curious Artfefacts' ArtwallL, Athens, Greece Sept 2015

'Super Woofer' event at Matts Gallery, London August 2015

'Stalkers and Divas' Out Of The Blue Gallery, Edinburgh June 2015

'Luminous Latitudes' Whitechapel Gallery, London, Glasgow Film Festival and the Alchemy Film Festival 2015

'Generation. 25 years of Contemporary Art in Scotland' June - September 2014

'Reclaimed' The Briggait, Glasgow International Festival of Art 2014

Norman McLaren screening event at the Glasgow Film Theatre May 2014

'A lamb lies down' Broadstone, Dublin November 2013

'I wanna be your dog' Glue Factory, Glasgow October 2013

'R U DEAD YET?' Summerhall, Edinburgh June 2013

‘Adverse Collaborations’ University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia Oct 2012

Pist Protta, Copenhagen October 2012

‘Life is Beautiful’ Galerie Deadfly, Berlin September 2012

‘Tales of the City’, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow 2012

'Castling' curated by Eastside Projects for Glasgow International Festival 2011

'Art Lending Library' curated by Market Gallery for Glasgow International Festival 2011

‘Uncle Chop Chop’ launched at the CCA, Glasgow, December 2011 as part of the festival  ‘What we make with words’ curated by 2HB.

‘We Are The People – Suck On This’ GoMA, Glasgow January 2012

‘11 Artists’ Nomi’s Kitchen, Glasgow, November 2011

Public burning of ‘Glitter Robot’ for Haunt, October 29th in Glasgow City Centre.

“Ugly Clean Up’ Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, November 2011

The Event, Birmingham, November 2011.

‘SPAM MUSH DUST’ Glasgow Project Room, October 2011

‘The Long Avantgarde’ Cartel Gallery, London, Summer 2011

‘Oops Apocalypse’ Occupy Space, Limerick, Ireland, May 2011.

'Hertie Querty' Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow November 2010 - April 2011

Blode Ziege, Galeria Nuno Centuno, Porto, Portugal, May 2011

"Rubble Stir", The Glue Factory, October 2010

Edinburgh Art Festival Summer 2010

"The Shoe Show" Glasgow International Festival April 2010

"Uncle Chop Chop" Embassy, Edinburgh 2009 and The State, Glasgow 2010

"Warehouse of Horrors" SWG3, Glasgow November 2009

"Song Show" Artlab, University of Western Ontario, Canada October 2009

"Running Time - Artists Film in Scotland from 1960 to Now" Dean Gallery, Edinburgh October 2009

"Radio Trionfera" Villa Romano, Florence, Italy September 2009

"Two Fine Examples of British Dentistry" solo show at Sweet Geranium, Glasgow 2009

"Cock and Bull" Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VCA Melbourne, Australia March 2009

"Good Teeth" Solo show, Glasgow Sculpture Studios October 2008

"Uncle Chop Chop" Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art 2008

"New Dark Age" Hats Plus, London 2008

"Artfutures" Bloomberg Space, London 2008

"Youtubism" MOT International, London 2007

'Among the living', Launched at the ICA London 2007 and toured to MIMA Middlesbrough, Milton Keynes Gallery, Chapter, Cardiff Summer 2007 and Heist, Miami USA November 2007.

"Uncle Chop Chop" Glasgow Project Room 2007

"Divided Selves: The Scottish self-portrait from the17th Century to the present day" Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh April - June 2006 & Fleming Collection, London June 2006

"Totally P.C." Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow International April 2006

"Filmperformance" Modern Art Oxford, Oxford February 2006

"What makes you and I different" Tramway, Glasgow Feb - March 2006

"New Art Birmingham" Birmingham, UK December 2005

"Video London" Espai Ubu, Barcelona Nov - Dec 2005

"When humour becomes painful" Migros Museum Zurich, Switzerland Aug - Oct 2005

"Toxic" Terminal, Fundicioan Oeiras, Lisbon Portugal June - Sept 2005

"Sanguis Gratia Artis" Trade Apartment, London April - May 2005

"Unrealised Dreams" Mackintosh Gallery, Glasgow School of Art Dec. 2004 - Feb. 2005

"Take It Furthur" Andrew Mummery, London July - Aug 2005

"There is always an alternative" Temporary Contemporary, London May - June 2005

"Sympathy for the devll" C.A.P.C Coimbra, Portugal, May 2005.

"All For Show" touring video show World Arts Building, Edge Zones, Miami, Galerie Verticale, Quebec, NEXUS Philadelphia, USA and The Physics Room, New Zealand, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, USA.

"Romantic Detachment" P.S.1 MOMA Centre For Contemporary Art, New York USA October 2004 and tour to Chapter, Cardiff and Q Arts, Derby December 2004.

"New Meat" Chapter, Cardiff June 2004.

"Radio Radio" International 3, Manchester October 2003 and national tour.

"Zenomap" Stills Gallery, Edinburgh October 2003

"Zenomap" Scottish Paviilon, Venice Biennale, June 2003

"The House of the Rotting Flesh" Switchspace, November 2003

"Dead Of Night" Gasworks Gallery, London April 2003

"Dead Of Night" Collective Gallery Project Room, June 2003

"Long Live the New Flesh" Floating I-P, Manchester, February 2003

"I can see your lips move" Cell Project Space, London July 2003

"Angloponce" Trade Apartment, London July 2003

"25 Hours" Video Art Foundation, Barcelona, Spain May 2003

"Bootleg" Spitalfields Market. London, March 2003

" Videodrome 2" Rotterdam International Film Festival, Netherlands January 2003

"Videodrome 2" New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, November 2002

"Burgerheaven" YYZ Artist's Outlet, Toronto, Canada November 2002

"Uncle Chop Chop" Glasgow Project Space, November 2002

"Artforum Berlin" Collective Gallery Stand, Germany September 2002.

"Open" Waygood Gallery, Newcastle August 2002

"Underwood Audio II" Underwood-Saatchi Gallery, London Sept. 2002

"Plinth" Trade Apartment, London July 2002

"Nausea" Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham, March 2002 and London Print Studio, May 2002.

"Winter Film" W139, Amsterdam, Netherlands February 2002.

"Half a World Away" Hallwalls Contemporary Art Centre, Buffalo NY, USA, Feb. 2002.

"Desktop Icons" New Media Scotland touring video exhibition C.C.A, Ikon, I.C.A 2001/02

"Artforum Berlin" Collective Gallery Stand, Germany September 2001.

"Burgerheaven" De Fabriek, Eindhoven, Netherlands September 2001

"What's Wrong?" Trade Apartment, Brixton London October 2001

"I'm a Stranger here Myself" Stills Gallery, Edinburgh May 2001.

"L'Ecole" Trade Apartment, Brixton London April 2001

"Angel Dust" Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow April 2001.

"Dub'L inTROOder" Transmission Gallery, March 2001.

"Oriel Mostyn Open" Oriel Mostyn, Wales Dec. 2000.

"Evolution isn't Over Yet" Dick institute, Kilmarnock 2000.

"Video Lounge" APT Gallery, Greenwich Film Festival, London June 2000.

"Video Pranksters" YYZ gallery, Toronto Canada June 2000.

"Evolution isn't Over Yet" Logar Comum , Lisbon Portugal 2000.

"New Heads on the Block" Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow May 2000.

"Crash", Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, November 1999.

"Evolution Isn't Over Yet", Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, April 1999.

'A.K.A', Changing Room Gallery, Stirling, Feb.1999.

'Head Lung Dead', Glasgow Independent Project Space, Jan. 1999.

"New Work City", PS1 MOMA Centre for Contemporary Art, New York, USA Dec 1998.

"Faux Shaux", Revolver, Melbourne, Australia, Oct 1998.

"Family Credit", Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, August 1998.

'Can't Pay Won't Pay', debut CD Album, released June 1998.

"ebc", New Media Centre, I.C.A, London, June 1998.

"Video Hits and Misses", 200 Gertrude Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, Dec 1998.

'People Who Work Together...' Alexandra Mansions, Norwich, Feb.1998.

'Goodnight! Goodnight!', Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Dec. 1997.

'Can't Pay, Won't Pay', 1st Floor Gallery, Melbourne, Sept.1997.

'New Video Art From Scotland', Artspace, Sydney, Australia, October 1997.

'Zonen der Ver-Storung', Steirischer Herbst97, Graz, Austria, September 1997.

'Pals and Chums', Camerawork Gallery, London, June 1997.

'Made In Glasgow', De Markten,Brussels, Belgium, April 1997.

'Speel', Artis, s-Hertogenbosch,Holland, March 1997. '

Dog's Breath', Bricks & Kicks, Vienna, Sept. 1996, and Westwerk, Hamburg, Feb. 1997.

'Dogumenta', Bank, London, Dec. 1996.

'Supastore Deluxe', UP & CO, New York, U.S.A, December 1996.

'Bank TV', Bank, London and Manchester,September 1996.

"Berlin / Glasgow" Hochschule der Kunste, Berlin November 1996.

'Klick', Transmission, Glasgow, Nov. 1996 and 1st Floor Gallery, Melbourne July 1997.

"New Moves" National Festival of Performance and Video, Glasgow, October 1996.

'Compartments', Globe Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 1996.


CURATORIAL PROJECTS - take me to the pig

'Campbell, Maclean, Beagles & Ramsay' video screening at The Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland April 2017

'Uncle Chop Chop' at The Old Hairdressers Nov 2016 & The Frankfurt Independent Book Fair April 2017

'Triumph of Zero' Voidoid Archive, Glasgow October 2016

'Uncle Chop Chop' CCA Glasgow 2011

'UNCLE CHOP CHOP' Glasgow Project Room 2007 and Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art 2008

"Their Nightmares Are Our Dreams" Collective Gallery, October 2003 (JB)

"UNCLE CHOP CHOP" launched at the Glasgow Project Room, Nov. 2002 and Feb. 2005

"Angel Dust" Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow April 2001

"Dub'l inTROODer" Transmission Gallery, Glasgow March 2001

Museum Magogo, a show of 200 artists at the Glasgow Project Space, October 1999 and the PB Gallery, Melbourne May 2000

'TR-808', A group show of artists, designers, writers and musicians responding to dance music culture at the Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, June 1997

'Be Er Monsta', An exhibition of short video works by 25 artists funded by the British Council. Toured to The Griffin, Glasgow, May 1996, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Sept. 1996, Big Jack's Baggot Inn, Dublin, October1996, Made in Glasgow, Brussels April 1997 and Concordia University, Montreal Feb 1998.

'Non Stop Body Rock', Group show of London based artists at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, April 1996.


'Generation. 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland' National galleries of Scotland, 2014

"Scotland and Venice" Scottish Arts Council 2008

"Divided Selves: The Scottish self-portrait from the17th Century to the present day" Talbot Rice Gallery & Fleming Collection, 2006

"When humour becomes painful" catalogue Migros Museum, Zurich, Switzerland 2005

"Toxic" catalogue Terminal, Fundicioan Oeiras, Lisbon Portugal 2005

"There is always an alternative" book with essays by Dave Beech and Mark Hutchinson, London May 2005

"Sympathy for the devil" catalogue, C.A.P.C Coimbra, Portugal, May 2005.

"Switchspace" Switchspace, Glasgow with texts by various authors, December 2004

"Beagles & Ramsay Self-Portraits 1997-2004" catalogue, text by Patricia Ellis and Catherine Austin, Chapter June 2004.

"Radio Radio" CD produced by Mel Brimfield Radio Radio touring show 2003/2004

"Insiders" Catalogue, Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, Wales 2003

"Unrealised Dreams" Limited edtion poster Zenomap, Venice Biennale June 2003.

"Beagles & Ramsay 1996 - 2003" catalogue, texts by Francis McKee and Moira Jeffrey Gasworks Gallery April 2003

"Nausea" Catalogue, text by Mark Hutchinson and Dr. Nicola Cotton, Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham, March 2002.

"Burgerheaven", YYZ Artist's Outlet, Toronto November 2002

"Crash!", Catalogue, ICA London, November 1999.

"Nerve", Catalogue, London, September 1999.

"Morning Star, Evening Star", Catalogue, text by various authors, Melbourne,Australia Sept. 1998.

"Beer + Cheeseburger + Ice Cream x Spaghetti x Chips = Graham Ramsay",Catalogue, 200 Gertrude Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, December 1998.

'NEXT WAVE FESTIVAL', Catalogue, text by Zane Trow, Melbourne, Australia, April 1998.

"Who's Afraid of Red, White and Blue?" edited by David Burrows, University of Central England, Birmingham, 1998.

"ZONEN DER VERSTORUNG", Catalogue, text by Dr. Silvia Eiblmayr, Steirischer Herbst 97, Graz, Austria August 1997.

"GOODNIGHT GOODNIGHT", Catalogue, text by Dave Beech and Dr Richard Tester Collective Gallery, December 1997

"BERLIN / GLASGOW" catalogue, essay John Calcutt, November 1996


"Uncle Chop Chop" Susannah Thompson, Map magazine 2008

"Sanguis Gratia Artis" Martin Herbert, Time Out 2005

Iphgenia Baal, Dazed and Confused magazine, May 2005

"Ooh, you are offal" Metro newspaper February 4 2005

"Health inspectors cancel art duo's human blood pudding show" Tim Cornwell, The Scotsman newspaper Saturday 12 February 2005

"Health chiefs pud an end to show with human blood" Edinburgh Evening News Saturday 12 Feb 2005


"Unrealised Dreams" review by Moira Jeffrey, Herald newspaper, 6th December 2004

"Butchering Da Vinci" Susan Mansfield,The Scotsman newspaper, 27th November 2004

"Blood Brothers" Ruth Hedges, The LIst December 2004

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"The House of the Rotting Flesh" catalogue essay by John Calcutt

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"Burgerheaven" reviewed in the The Toronto Star and Ottawa Citizen November 2002

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"Dead of Night" Wideshut magazine, Autumn 2005

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"Ideas Factory" CD rom Channel 4 Television and Product magazine April 2004

Project for Product magazine, Spring 2003

"Interview with Paul McCarthy" Variant December 2001 (JB/GR)

"Geezer" Project for Artland International magazine, Denmark, 1999.

Project / essay for STOP STOP book, Glasgow, September 1997.


Creative Scotland Artist Bursary 2014

Residency at Glasgow Sculpture Studios 2008

British Council Award 2005

Scottish Arts Council, Creative Development Award 2004

Residency Grizedale Arts, Cumbria 2004

Artist to Artist Scheme, Visiting Arts, Henry Moore Foundation 2003/4

Scottish Arts Council, first time publication fund 2003

Edinburgh College of Art research Award 2003

Glasgow School of Art Research Award 2003

Glasgow City Council Artist Award 2003

British Council Award 2002

Scottish Arts Council, Assistance Grant 2002

Residency De Fabriek,Eindhoven, Netherlands, August 2001.

British Council Award 2001

Glasgow City Council Artist Award 2001

Scottish Arts Council Award 2001

Scottish Arts Trust Award, May 2000.

British Council Grant April 2000.

Scottish Arts Council, Artist Award, November 1998.

Exchange Residency, 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne, Australia Oct. - Dec. 1998. (Funded by The British Council and Glasgow City Council.)

Scottish Arts Council, Small Assistance Grant, October 1997.

Professional Experience

Lecturer, Centre for Visual & Cultural Studies, Edinburgh College of Art, 2001- (J.B)

Lecturer, Master of Fine Art Programme, Glasgow School of Art, 2005 - (G.R)

Speaker 'The Modern Self-Portrait:Before and After Warhol, National Gallery of Scotland 2005 (J.B)

Speaker 'Video Art Scotland', Street Level Gallery 2005 (J.B)

Commissioning Editor a-n magazine 2004 - 2006 (J.B)

John Beagles was a member of the committee and the board of directors of the Collective Gallery, Edinburgh from 1996-2000. Jointly responsible for selection of shows 97/99.

Researcher, Independent Public Arts, Edinburgh, 1998. (G.R) Speaker at the Videor Conference, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Oct. 1998. (G.R)

Visiting Lecturer, Sculpture Dept. RMIT University, Melbourne September 1998. (G.R)